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    The team behind Apple’s Siri voice assistant feature in iOS, SRI International, recently announced a new product. According to SRI International, the new product will “aim to improve the consumer experience on mobile devices through intelligent conversation.” Kasisto is the name of the new product and it is a similar intelligent voice assistant. However, Kasisto will be open to business customers to combine with their own apps.

    Vice president of SRI Ventures, Norman Winarsky, Ph.D. stated:

    Virtual personal assistant technology has revolutionized consumer interaction with mobile devices.” Now consumers expect a more human-like experience when interacting online. Kasisto represents a new user experience—one that is context aware, personalized, and more effective.
    Kasisto the virtual personal assistant feature will be integrated into mobile apps, which will decrease the costs currently associated with other technologies that are similar.

    It is context-aware and provides text, touch, and speech modalities, and natural language understanding and reasoning.
    For integration into existing mobile apps and easy customization, SDK, a powerful software development kit will be included in the platform.

    Source: Kasisto

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    2014-06-29 06:34 AM