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    It has been reported by TmoNews in a leaked internal T-Mobile memo that accessories are being sold to customers who are eligible and qualify for an Equipment Installment Plan (EIP) starting July 20th. The mobile company is supposedly trying to offer customers an easier way to get their hands on popular smartphone accessories like the Beats headphones and smartwatches. Current EIP programs over at T-Mobile allow customers to pay for their devices in a 24-month plan and it seems they want to do the same for accessories.

    According to the leaked memo, T-Mobile will be offering customers a similar type of program for accessories because it will be “part of the complete solution.” The offer may be very attractive to customers because not only would they not have to pay as much money up front or at once, but they would be leaving with a lot more new products in hand. As of right now, there has yet to be any word or detail in regards to this deal. But if you are on the lookout for a new phone, you can finance a new mobile device over a 24-month period at T-Mobile.

    Source: TmoNews

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    2014-07-03 05:29 AM