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    It has been reported that Apple applied for a patent that describes a method of adjusting security and other settings for phones depending on the location of the device. Contextual information of the mobile device’s position is found via location data gathered by the system. The patent’s “Location-sensitive security levels and setting profiles based on detected location” system, takes saved Wi-Fi networks and an identifiable cellular tower in order to find the device location. As soon as it is identified, security options can be changed to match the environment. Simple passcode disabling and enabling Touch ID when the user is not at home can be done.

    The security level and/or other device behavior, configurations, or settings on a mobile device can be modified based on the location of the mobile device. The location of the mobile device can be determined by analyzing location aspects present at a location, where any parameters or attributes of a location that can assist in identifying a particular location may be used as location aspects. In a setup process, the mobile device identifies available aspects at a location and can use the available aspects to determine a location context associated with a location. In a use example, the device identifies available aspects at a location and determines whether the available aspects match a previously defined location context. If the available aspects match the previously defined location context, device behavior, configurations, or settings on a mobile device can be modified.
    The system can automatically modify home screen apps based on location and adjust user interface along with security settings. The patent application was filed back in December of 2012 and then published on July 3, 2014. If the patent gets approved, users of the iOS device will receive an extra layer of protection on top of what the company’s Touch ID fingerprint scanner already offers.

    Source: USPTO

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    2014-07-04 07:06 AM
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    This sounds pretty cool.

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    2014-07-04 07:40 AM
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    The wifi enable/disable thing is available on cydia and has been for a while so this is defiantly welcome news

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    2014-07-04 09:38 AM
  4. Al226's Avatar
    Have this already with jailbreak, but welcomed nonetheless
    2014-07-04 09:49 AM
  5. TDH Advocate's Avatar
    This sounds freaking incredible. I hope this comes with iOS 8.x
    2014-07-04 11:14 AM
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    There is already a tweak that allows this today for the jailbreak community. It can disable passcodes when on home or other specified WiFi locations.
    2014-07-04 02:34 PM
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    What is the tweak folks are mentioning?
    2014-07-04 02:45 PM
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    I don't see the "receive an extra layer of protection" part. If anything, it decreases protection when near identified places, not adds more. Still a welcome feature, of course.
    2014-07-04 02:52 PM
  9. buggsy2's Avatar
    CleverPin and other tweaks.
    2014-07-04 05:15 PM
  10. SpiderManAPV's Avatar
    It does sound like Apple will take things a step further than the tweaks I've seen seem to do.

    Just your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man!
    2014-07-04 05:22 PM
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    CleverPin and other tweaks.
    2014-07-04 06:02 PM
  12. Nuff Said's Avatar
    CleverPin and other tweaks.
    I don't know of any tweaks that adjust settings according to "cellular tower." Can you please enlighten me?
    2014-07-05 02:07 AM