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    Apple’s somewhat secret Factory Clearance store is back on eBay. For those of you who didn’t know, last year Apple used a discreet eBay store to push out deals on MacBooks, iMacs and iPods at cheaper prices than the Refurbished Apple Store. This year’s shop is dedicated to clearing inventory of all the remaining iPhone 5 units at what appears to be the cheapest price on the web.

    The Factory Outlet eBay Store is offering both black and white unlocked iPhone 5 GSM units with a full one-year warranty, after receiving a final quality inspection by Apple staff. If you have debated getting an iPhone 5C but don’t mind not having a colorful case, this is a deal you should be jumping on before it disappears. The price breakdowns include the following:

    • 16GB iPhone 5 – $449.00
    • 32GB iPhone 5 – $479.00
    • 64GB iPhone 5 – $499.00

    Apple’s Refurbished Store is currently offering deals on Macs, iPads and the iPod Touch. The creation of the factory outlet could signify Apple is trying to clear out as many units as possible ahead of the next-gen iPhone launch this upcoming fall.

    Last year’s eBay store quietly disappeared before the launch of the iPad. Rumors have pegged late-September as the launch date for the iPhone 6, which is expected to come in two screen sizes and feature a Sapphire Crystal display, improved Touch ID, better camera, and an A8 quad-core processor.

    Will any of you be taking advantage of the discounted prices?

    Source: Apple (eBay)

    Twitter: @AkshayMasand
    2014-07-08 09:27 PM
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    iPhone 4gs is running $150 average low price on eBay. You can buy a warranty on it at time of purchase to give you a years protection. Can be used with straight talk plan.

    iPhone 3GS is running about $50 on eBay.
    2014-07-09 11:48 AM