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    As Jawbone continues to work towards being a go-to player in the fitness industry, the company is making an effort to make sure their app is updated with the newest features. In the recent update, Jawbone’s Up app brings plenty of worthwhile features into the mix. Version 3.2 of the app has redesigned the food experience altogether. Users will now be greeted with a streamlined food logging process, with new tools to make the whole process easier. You’ll be able to log water intake, common pairings of food, your frequent meals and restaurant menus.

    Another one of the big additions is a weight management tool, which will also let you track your caloric intake. Users will be able to track progress as they watch over their calorie balance, the food they eat, and their weight. Jawbone has also included a new food scoring system, which will let you know how nutritional your food is, all with just a single number.
    It’s important to note users who want to take advantage of the app will have to own Jawbone’s Up or Up24 wearable devices for their wrist.

    Are any of you Jawbone Up users excited about the new features included in the recent app update?

    Source: Jawbone Up (iTunes)

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    2014-07-17 08:00 AM
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    2014-07-18 04:02 AM
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    Before I buy any external health tracking device, I want to see exactly what health kit can do without me spending more money. And if I am going to buy an external health tracker, its gonna be an iWatch doggone it!

    Note: Unlike most things with weird capitalizations, autocorrect did not try to fix iWatch. Is that one already programmed into iOS for future use or does it just automatically not correct anything that starts with an "i" and an uppercase letter?

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    2014-07-18 06:20 PM