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    At the end of December, iOS users were given the ability to add a credit card to their Google Wallet application just by taking a picture of it. Now, several months later, Google’s letting you ask for money right from inside the app. The update to Google Wallet, which is being released for both iOS and Android simultaneously, was officially announced on the Google Commerce blog recently with the app set to be updated anytime now. With the new version, Google Wallet users will be introduced to plenty of worthwhile new features including the ability to store and manage your favorite gift cards. You’ll also be able to check the balance from inside the app, which should make things easier for those who can’t remember how much they’ve got left on a card buried in their wallet or bag. Currently this is only supported by a few retailers including Toys-R-Us, AMC, Best Buy, Whole Foods, Nike and Sephora.

    Google Wallet has always had the option for loyalty cards but now you can snap a photo of your gift cards and have them ready to go when you need them. The other big part of the update is the ability for users to request money from right inside the application instead of just relying on Gmail, which you can still request from naturally. Users will also be able to send money right from their debit card from within the application. These moves continue to push Google Wallet into a one-stop-shop for anyone who wants to keep their money, including loyalty and gift cards, all digital.

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    Source: Google Commerce (blog)

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    2014-07-17 04:53 PM