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    Recently, Google released a new free application on the iOS platform for YouTube users that allows them to have a much fuller control over their YouTube channel on a mobile device called YouTube Creator Studio. On Monday, Google released another free application for the iOS platform for Google Analytics.

    The new mobile application allows Web site administrators to keep track of important information regarding their Web site, such as traffic, views, recent changes, real-time reports, and much more.

    It is worth mentioning that the application is only intended for the iPhone and iPod touch, as there is not an iPad-optimized version available. You can, however, run the iPhone version on the iPad, but it will run in iPhone mode. Due to the nature of the application, it would have been nice if it supported the iPad out of the box.

    If you would like to get started with Google's new Analytics application for iOS, you can download it for free from this App Store link.

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    2014-07-17 05:30 PM