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    It was recently announced by popular social media website Twitter, that their next mobile client update will let users review the entire history of their direct messages. As of right now, users only have limited access to their old messages and can’t view all that much. But the social media company has announced that the restriction will be removed in the upcoming update. They also announced that the new version will make message deleting more reliable across the mobile and web platforms.

    There has been no mention as to whether this new update will be the one restoring link sending in direct messaging. This issue has been going on for many months now for many users. Some users however, bypass this issue and are still able to send URLS in direct messages.

    Source: Twitter

    Twitter: @AkshayMasand
    2014-07-19 04:56 AM
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    The Twitter mobile web interface could also use a major overhaul... not that I use it though.
    2014-07-19 05:21 AM
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    there's a lot more they could do to the official Twitter client to make it more useable/managable imho. it's not that there is a lot wrong with it, apart from this, this and that..

    i like to use it for the discover and activity swipe-able section. the amount of 'sponsored' tweets and 'promoted' tweets showing up in the home screen(and others) is pretty annoying but thats what comes from free apps i guess. revenue gotta come fro somewhere right.?

    p.s i am a Tweetbot user and find it hard to use anyother twitter client for day to day tweeting. Tweetings is good but i find it to be a resource hogger. they've crammed too much into it tbh. if you have the 5S i dont suppose it will be noticeable but on the 4/4S and for some reason 'some' 5/5C models it is noticable, at least compared to Tweetbot.

    p.p.s would still love to see Gravity Twitter client come over from the good old days of Symbian

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    2014-07-19 11:29 AM