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    It has been reported that the production of smartphone and tablet front-facing image sensors will be increased by Sony. The company already plans on investing 35 billion yen towards it (roughly 345 million USD) according to a recent announcement. For those of you who didn’t know, Sony currently supplies image sensors for Apple’s iPhone rear-facing camera.

    The Japanese firm said it will increase production of stacked CMOS sensors at two factories on the southern Japanese island of Kyushu, while completing work on a factory in northwestern Japan it bought from Renesas Electronics Corp for a total investment of 35 billion yen.
    Apparently the popular ‘selfie’ has enabled Sony to raise its production by 13% to 68,000 wafers a month. Reuters went on to report that Sony is currently competing with Omnivision Technologies Inc., who provides sensors for front-facing tablets and smartphones but have lower specifications compared to rear-facing cameras.

    The Japanese electronics firm told Reuters that the reason behind improving front-facing camera quality is because of the popularity of video calling and ‘selfies.” The image sensors should be able to not only produce better quality selfies but will definitely play a role in improving the quality of video calls from services such as FaceTime, Skype and Tango (among many others).

    It isn’t much of a surprise to hear of smartphone parts such as the front-facing camera improving, since these internal updates are found in almost every hardware refresh. As of right now, the Cupertino California company is set to release the next-gen iPhone in September which isn’t too far away. Are any of you excited about the iPhone 6?

    Source: Reuters via iPhoneHacks
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    2014-07-23 10:52 PM
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    That's a waste of money
    2014-07-24 03:10 AM
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    I am excited about the upcoming iPhone 6 or Air and I hope they call it "iPhone Air" sounds kinda kewl .
    2014-07-24 09:20 AM
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    Waste or not, Apple's got the resources to do it.
    2014-07-28 12:46 AM