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    Yelp recently released version 8.1 of its iOS app which gives users the option to upload a short 12 second video clip alongside written reviews and pictures. The update adds video to the business and restaurant review guide, a medium which wasn’t previously available.

    Those of you interested in checking out the new video review section can do so by going to the app’s main page and clicking on the central button which fans out into the “Check in,” “Review” and “Photo or Video” options. As one might guess from the new options, by clicking on “Photo or Video,” users can switch from adding pictures and toggling to video.

    The new option allows Yelp members to take advantage of video when it comes to leaving reviews. Going forward, those who go on Yelp may be able to take note of a restaurant’s ambiance, see service and product reviews, and even watch a quick narration in addition to reading the review. The video clips will likely surface in both the Yelp app and on the Yelp website as more users aggregate video content.

    Much like many other updates, the Yelp app update also comes with bug fixes and minor user interface tweaks. Those of you interested in using the new feature can do so after downloading the free 30.7 MB Yelp app update from the App Store.

    Are any of you excited to leave and watch video reviews? Share your thoughts and comments below!

    Source: Yelp (iTunes)

    Twitter: @AkshayMasand
    2014-07-29 05:35 PM