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    This recap will go over the best jailbreak tweaks that we've shown you this week. It's certainly not all of them, but we think these are some of the most notable. These are in no specific order, and they're all compatible with the Pangu version 1.1.0 jailbreak for iOS 7.1.x.

    1. WiFi Explorer – $1.99

    WiFi Explorer is a really awesome Wi-Fi scanning utility for iOS that lets you see tons of information about the Wi-Fi networks around you, including information about the operating channels, access point manufacturers, whether a network is secured or not (and how), signal strength, SSID, BSSID, and much more. It feels like a professional piece of software in your pocket, so it's hard not to recommend this application to any Wi-Fi experts out there with a jailbroken iPhone or iPod touch. You can read our full review of WiFi Explorer at this link.

    2. SpotFile – $1.49

    It's also worth taking a peek at SpotFile, which is a new jailbreak tweak that lets you browse your iOS device's filesystem right from SpotLight. You can open files in different applications, share them, and even move back and forth between directories from the SpotFile interface. This tweak officially makes SpotLight feel useful for some of us. You can read our full review on SpotFile at this link.

    3. AppControl – $1.99

    AppControl is another cool jailbreak tweak we showed you this week that allows you to swipe up on any application icon on your Home Screen to see information about it and configure specific settings for that application. For example, you can password protect a specific application, re-name the icon, choose a custom volume or brightness for the application, find out when it was last used, what the version number of the application is, and even reset the application back to its default settings. You can read our full review of AppControl at this link.

    4. GlowBadges – FREE

    GlowBadges is a new jailbreak tweak that can make application icons glow certain colors when you have unread notifications. The glowing would only occur if you had a badge on the icon, but you can use this tweak with the badge notification to help improve the visibility, or you can hide the badge altogether so that the icon only glows when you have an unread notification. Either way, it seems to be a really cool way to spice up the Home Screen a little bit with some informative colors. You can read our full review of GlowBadges at this link.

    5. VolumeStatus – FREE

    Last, but not least, we'd like to show you VolumeStatus. This tweak puts an icon in your Status Bar that resembles a speaker with some sound bars. As you adjust your audio volume level (not the ringer), the bars in the icon will either grow or shrink. This way, you can always see what your volume level is before having to open the volume HUD or Control Center, which is great to know before you press the play button for a song or a movie. You can read our full review of VolumeStatus at this link.

    <iframe width="640" height="360" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/p1lsM-Jxv34?rel=0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    Stay tuned for our next edition of Best Jailbreak Tweaks of the Week next week - only on ModMyi!

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