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    Apple has recently won another award they can add to their list of trophies. This time, it’s 2014’s Creative Arts Emmy for most outstanding commercial. The advertisement they won the award for was a holiday-ad titled ‘Misunderstood’ and featured the company’s iPhone. In the commercial, you see a family gathering for the holiday season, but focuses on a teenage boy who is on his iPhone the entire time. It isn’t until the very end you see that the boy made a video using his iPhone, summarizing the best parts of their trip, which ends in tears.

    Other competitors for this award included advertisements by Nike, General Electric, and two from Budweiser. Apple’s commercial teamed up with production company Park Pictures and ad agency TBWA\Media Arts Lab. Rumors have been going around saying that the Cupertino-Based company is looking to do their advertising in-house, and end advertising with their long time partnership company. Therefore, this award is definitely a major one for TBWA.

    “Misunderstood” was just one of many Apple noteworthy advertisements. Among the list of popular commercials include ‘1984’ and the ‘Get a Mac’ campaign. Take a look at the winning commercial and all nominees below:

    Apple: 'Misunderstood'

    GE: 'Childlike Imagination'

    Nike: 'Possibilities'

    Budweiser: 'Puppy Love'

    Budweiser: 'Hero's Welcome'

    Source: Emmy’s

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    2014-08-18 06:45 PM