1. michaelhoangly's Avatar
    $180 got a 16 GB 5S, right...
    2014-08-20 02:18 AM
  2. RICO_'s Avatar
    Can't refuse? Watch me! Gazelle is a rip.
    2014-08-20 07:21 AM
  3. NSXrebel's Avatar
    and Messany is already deleting comments.
    2014-08-20 09:15 AM
  4. Donnutt's Avatar
    eBay is always the way to go, however not everyone 1. has an eBay account, or 2. knows how to use it, or 3. are patient enough to use it. For those people, these kinds of services are perfect.
    2014-08-20 05:33 PM
  5. sami4021's Avatar
    More ease of use then anything haha. Some people like that.
    2014-08-20 06:42 PM
  6. bonum83's Avatar
    I'll stick to eBay. Don't care to meet anyone in a dark alley.
    Your an idiot if you meet somewhere in a dark alley...
    2014-08-20 11:06 PM
  7. offroad1994's Avatar
    eBay iphone4s is around $150 for 16gb and you should not pay much more. Older iphone3s is $50.

    Expect iphone6 to be $500 to $700 and don't know why anyone would buy that. You can get an iPad mini and iPhone5 combined for much less and tether them via Bluetooth. But some will need the latest gadget.
    2014-08-22 01:15 PM
  8. mark1958's Avatar
    I think that's exactly what happened!
    2014-08-26 03:58 PM
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