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    Sprint recently announced a new Family Share Pack plan which is focused around being data-friendly. It offers twice the amount of data as competitors for the same price or for a cheaper price. The plan will be made available Friday as part of its “new day for data” campaign. According to new Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure:

    Sprint is offering the best value to data-hungry consumers. Period. We are doubling the high-speed wireless data because today's customers rely so much on their smartphones and tablets.
    Much like it has in the past, Sprint is trying to make the deal more appealing with a limited-time pricing promotion for new customers. It appears to be throwing in 20 GB of data to unlimited talk and text plans for a $100 monthly fee. The carrier is also giving a “bonus” 2GB of data per line for up to ten lines, increasing savings through the promotional period which is set to run through 2015.

    The pricing for existing users comes out to $160 per month for 20 GB of shared data for up to 10 lines. Those of you interested in reading about the full plan can review the picture. Sprint is attempting to gain more subscribers and also take back some of those who are switching away from other providers. The wireless carrier mentioned it will be unveiling additional plans in the coming days, also pointing towards new individual subscriber plans.

    Source: Sprint

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    2014-08-19 09:31 AM
  2. evolution83's Avatar
    T-Mobile would be the best since their network is superior to Sprint. So many dead zones with Sprint...
    2014-08-19 10:45 AM
  3. rdrfn555's Avatar
    T-Mobile would be the best since their network is superior to Sprint. So many dead zones with Sprint...

    This article talks about pricing
    Is Tmobile cheaper?

    If you're talking coverage than att or verizon depending on where you live would be the best hands down.
    2014-08-19 01:56 PM
  4. sobeniceguy2's Avatar
    The data price is great. However, if your speed is at the equivalent of dial up, it doesn't matter how much data you are allowed.
    2014-08-19 05:00 PM
  5. nmoreman's Avatar
    I'm not seeing an advantage in this program.
    I'm currently on the Framily Plan with 7 phones at $25 each. 5 have 1 gb of data, more than enough. 2 have 3 gb of data at
    an additional cost of $20. This equals $195.00

    This plan equivalent is $245.00\

    Not seeing a benefit to me! Framily Plan could still be an advantage to most. And it beat my grandfathered plan, years old of
    unlimited, due to dumping the subsidy for upgrades. Hated to give up unlimited, but when you look at how much you really
    use, that is a gimmick for most users.
    2014-08-19 07:45 PM
  6. docmagoo2's Avatar
    Okay. I live in the UK and we don't have this kind of promotion. Why would anyone want ten lines? This would be the type of deal business customers use rather than ordinary consumers. I get unlimited SMS / cross network calls and 3gb of data a month for the equivalent of $30 a month on a consumer plan. How do you guys in the USA feel this compares? And my iphone 5s was £100 on top of this on a 12 month contract
    2014-08-19 11:36 PM
  7. jackbauerctu's Avatar
    Wait hang on....wasn't sprint boasting unlimited data??? Wasn't it called "unlimited myway" or something? Pretty sure 80 bucks a month covered unlimited everything. Oh yeah and remember this?

    Sprint is a joke.
    2014-08-20 07:53 AM
  8. glgbnaf's Avatar
    Who cares sprint sucks!!!
    2014-08-20 05:53 PM