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    U.S. mobile carrier, T-Mobile, announced today that they would be adding to their Simple Starter plan with a new data option, where users can quadruple their data for less money than other competitor companies. This is apparently a limited–time deal and can change at any time. The offer is supposed to start on Wednesday, September 3rd. Just a few days ago, the company announced an offer of one year of free LTE data to new customers that will begin on August 29th.

    The starting price of T-Mobile’s Simple Starter plan is $40, and that includes unlimited text, talk and 500MB of LTE data. Starting September 9th, for an additional $5 per month, customers can get 2GB of data. This addition is supposed to serve as a better option for overage fees charged by competitor carriers. John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile stated:

    People who use loads of data use T-Mobile. And it’s no wonder. The old guard telecoms punish people for using more data on their networks with crazy overage charges and fees. Get Verizon’s $50 plan and use just one gig more data, and the price jumps to $65. It’s crazy. At T-Mobile, we designed our network data-strong so our customers could use the hell out of it. And that’s just what they’re doing.
    If this deal is something you would like to take advantage of, we’d suggest jumping on it sooner rather than later as it can change at any point.

    Source: T-Mobile

    Twitter: @AkshayMasand
    2014-08-25 11:34 PM
  2. trialnterror's Avatar
    I have the 30 dollar plan for my son from T-Mobile it includes unlimited data, unlimited text and 100 min talk time.
    2014-08-26 01:05 AM
  3. Svet_boy's Avatar
    That's rubbish, in the uk I pay £18 about $30 and get unlimited texts, unlimited mins, unlimited data, unlimited tethering and unlimited roaming in about 15 country's. The US networks suck
    2014-08-26 03:03 AM
  4. blagger69's Avatar
    Really? What kind of phone did u get for that tariff as just got 5s with unlimited calls and text with 3gb download for 37.99
    2014-08-26 01:31 PM
  5. Svet_boy's Avatar
    My contract is up now so I'm 1 month rolling but got it with the iPhone 5. Is your contract with 3?
    2014-08-26 01:39 PM
  6. blagger69's Avatar
    No with Vodafone. 4g tariff
    2014-08-26 01:58 PM
  7. Svet_boy's Avatar
    You missed out, you should have gone with 3. Unlimited data and roaming
    2014-08-26 02:02 PM
  8. blagger69's Avatar
    I can see why u went with 3 but without sounding shite I need a reliable network that works no matter where I am lol. I know all networks have there issues when out and about but feel 3 prob have more than others.
    2014-08-26 02:05 PM
  9. Svet_boy's Avatar
    I'm in Leicester and I can honestly say there is nowhere I can't get signal and even when I can't get 4g the 3G is about 15mbs. But I know what you mean if the signal is patchy where you live it would be a nightmare
    2014-08-26 02:07 PM
  10. blagger69's Avatar
    I'm in Romford,Essex so I'm close to London and usually get 4g too but it's when I leave the city is where I notice issues. Abroad too but then Vodafone is pretty much everywhere now I think.
    2014-08-26 02:09 PM
  11. Svet_boy's Avatar
    I like that 3 have the free roaming now too do you don't need to worry about using your phone abroad. I tested it over in America about 20 months ago and it was wicked.
    2014-08-26 02:11 PM
  12. fleurya's Avatar
    I thought t-mobile was all unlimited data and the limits only applied to 4G LTE.
    2014-08-26 03:28 PM
  13. docmagoo2's Avatar
    I'm O2 in belfast. Get 3gb data, unlimited SMS, unlimited minutes for £22 a month with iPhone 5s. O2 are okay coverage wise, I get 4g, Vodafone and three are shite here also. Only other decent one is EE, but their plans are a rip off!
    2014-08-26 11:51 PM