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    Mobile Safari is Apple's Web Browser that comes pre-installed on all of our iOS 7 devices. It's a fairly quick and capable Web browser, but there are numerous features missing from it that the jailbreak community has found ways to provide for its user base. In this post, we will show you five great jailbreak tweaks for improving your iOS 7 Web browsing experience, so read on!

    Just a quick note before we get started; these tweaks are all compatible with the Pangu version 1.2.1 jailbreak for iOS 7.1.x, and will work with earlier iOS 7 jailbreaks, such as evasi0n7, as well.

    1. Safari Downloader+ – $3.50

    One of the biggest problems with Mobile Safari is that unlike other modern Web browsers out there, you can't download anything. Safari Downloader+ is an excellent solution to this problem. It not only adds the functionality of a download manager right into the stock user interface of Mobile Safari in iOS 7, but it even give you "Open In" and "Import" features depending on the kind of file that you downloaded. If you're a YouTube user, you'll be happy to hear that Safari Downloader+ even lets you download YouTube videos in any quality that you like. If you're interested in learning more about Safari Downloader+ and what it can do, you can follow our full review at this link.

    2. iWebBoost – 99

    Another awesome way to spice up your iOS 7 Web browsing experience is with a jailbreak tweak called iWebBoost. This tweak will make it so that you can use Mobile Safari's JIT (Just In Time) compiling, also known as the Nitro JavaScript engine, in third-party Web applications, such as Facebook, Google Chrome, and many other Web views throughout iOS 7. This way, you can experience the screaming JavaScript performance and improved Web speeds on any Web browser that you like without feeling strapped down to Apple's Mobile Safari for performance. You can read our full review of iWebBoost at this link.

    3. Canopy – $1.99

    Also worthy of recognition is a tweak that we showed you back in May called Canopy. Canopy actually supercharges your iOS 7 Mobile Safari Web browser with new features that it didn't have before for your convenience. The tweak gives you all of the following new features:

    • Recently Closed Pages (the native implementation from the iPad, so it knows not to remember in Private mode, remembers the page's back/forward history)
    • Option to prevent the navigation bar from hiding when scrolling
    • Long press on Bookmarks, History items and Reading List items to:
      1. Copy the address
      2. Add them directly to Reading List or Bookmarks
      3. Share them on Facebook, Twitter, Email, iMessage/SMS

    • Paste and Paste & Go inline in the address/search bar
    • Translate any page from the action/share menu
    • Open in Chrome added to the action/share menu
    • Add all open pages to Reading List or Bookmarks folder & Close all open pages
    • Open Safari settings by pressing the gear icon in the Pages View
    • Open Canopy settings by long pressing the gear icon in the Page View
    • Open Safari from Safari settings and Canopy Settings
    • Long press on the View Pages button to open a new page
    • Long press on the Bookmarks button to add current page to bookmarks or to reading list (option in settings)
    • Swipe Reading List items to reveal button to Mark Read or Unread
    • Insert search and address suggestion into their respective text fields without Going/Searching (like in Chrome)
    • Change Home screen web clip settings (full-screen)

    The features that you get are sure to improve your Web browsing experience. You can read our full review of Canopy at this link.

    4. SafariAlwaysPrivate – FREE

    If you're one to worry about privacy, then you may like a free jailbreak tweak called SafariAlwaysPrivate. This tweak forces Mobile Safari to always perform in private mode and doesn't allow you to switch out of it. That way, you can rest assured that you're always in private browsing mode and there's no change you'll forget to switch back in the future and leave an embarrassing search history on your device. You can read our full review of SafariAlwaysPrivate at this link.

    5. Tabby – 99

    Last, but not least, if you're one to have a bunch of browsing tabs open at once, Tabby will be your best friend. Apple limits you to only having 24 tabs opened up at once. Tabby lets you have an unlimited about of Mobile Safari tabs open at once, which lets you really multi-task with your browsing experience as much as you need to without any limitations. You can read our full review of Tabby at this link.

    All of these tweaks have been tested to make sure that they're compatible with the latest Pangu 1.2.1 jailbreak; they may not all be compatible with one another.

    If you're looking for additional new jailbreak tweaks to run on your Pangu jailbreak, then check out our recent Best Jailbreak Tweaks of the Week post, as well as our 5 Great Free and 5 Great Paid Jailbreak Tweaks Compatible With the Pangu Jailbreak post.

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    Stay tuned for more of the best jailbreak tweak coverage on the Web, only at ModMyi.com!
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    Sweet work! Thanks
    Passionate tech blogger, student in college and part time worker at SoldMyDevice.com
    2014-08-30 02:56 AM
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    I tried to install iWebBoost and Cydia wanted to uninstall Nitrous. How do they differ?
    2014-08-30 12:59 PM
  4. Jon G's Avatar
    I believe they do the same thing. May be wrong but pretty sure I recall I iwebboost having little or no settings options. Nitrous has options to toggle on/off specific apps, and also comes with a flipswitch to enable/disable the tweak entirely
    2014-08-30 06:10 PM
  5. LucySterling's Avatar
    I tried to install iWebBoost and Cydia wanted to uninstall Nitrous. How do they differ?
    Two complete different programs.
    Passionate tech blogger, student in college and part time worker at SoldMyDevice.com
    2014-08-30 11:06 PM
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    Please don't promote Tabby. The free edition provides the same functionality.
    2014-08-31 02:48 AM
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    I don't use safari, maybe cause I don't have a mac and I prefer chrome for browsing, so the sync works smoothly for me and my perfect combination is browser chooser and nitrous.

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    2014-09-07 09:44 AM