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    The next generation of Sony’s iPhone-compatible wireless camera lenses was recently unveiled with two models. The new models are dubbed the QX1 and the QX30 and both of which are set to launch this upcoming holiday season. Each will connect with Apple’s iPhone over Wi-Fi Direct using the company’s PlayMemories iOS app.

    Much like last year’s QX10 and QX100, both are lens accessories that offer higher quality images than the built-in smartphone camera. They keep costs low by not having physical camera controls and allowing a connected smartphone to serve as the viewfinder instead.

    Of the two new lens, the DSC-QX30 comes in at $349.99 while the DSC-QX1 comes in at $399.99.

    The DSC-QX30 boasts a 30-times optical zoom and captures 20.4-megapixel images with a BIONZ X image processor. Wi-Fi and new field communications are among the other features and it also has a built-in microSD slot allowing photos to be stored on the camera and viewed and transferred to a connected smartphone as desired as well

    The higher end model is the $399.99 DSC-QX1 which turns a smartphone into a mirrorless APS-C sensor camera. It sports a 20.1-megapixel Exmor CMOS sensor as well as its own dedicated flash module for superior low-light pictures. The QX1 also has an E-Mount, which means users will be able to insert their own popular Sony-compatible camera lenses as desired. The price tag doesn’t come with its own lens, which has to be purchased separately.

    Are any of you looking to purchase either of the two lens?

    Source: Amazon (QX1) (QX30) via AppleInsider

    Twitter: @AkshayMasand
    2014-09-04 04:48 AM
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    That's way to much for my liking
    2014-09-04 05:48 AM
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    2014-09-04 02:36 PM
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    The dollars are high, but not doing the comparison to similar cameras.

    I was on wait list, bought the QX10 last year. It is a wonderful idea, but ended up being too much of a pain in the butt for me.
    The lens is bulky, hard to carry (need another pouch or bag), then attach, get app up and running, to take pics. I couldn't see
    end result if not on wifi until I took card out of lens and inserted in computer.

    I wanted this for vacation pics, things I wanted different resolution, size, etc., and ended up returning. You can get another
    camera for less to slip in other pocket that is ready to go instantly.

    So just food for thoughts, but a marvelous idea!!!!!
    2014-09-04 03:16 PM
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    2014-09-04 03:32 PM