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    When you enter a passcode wrong too many times on your iOS device(s), your device will eventually lock you out for a period of time. It starts with one minute, and gradually climbs. Eventually, if you still can't get it right, you'll be asked to connect your iOS device to iTunes.

    For someone who doesn't want the inconvenience of connecting to iTunes just because some jerk out there decided to try and unlock your phone when you weren't looking, a new free jailbreak tweak called No Passcode LockOut by iOS developer Alltim3h4ckers is now available.

    This tweak makes it so that instead of your device locking you out when a passcode is entered incorrectly enough times, your device will just continue giving you chances to unlock your device. That way, when a jerk picks up your device to try and lock you out of it as some kind of cruel prank, they won't be able to.

    The tweak adds a preferences pane to the Settings application where you can enable or disable it on demand:

    Since it's understandable that the lockout period is a security feature and you may want to keep it under certain circumstances, this toggle switch is a great idea. On the other hand, if you're always surrounded by pranksters, it may be a good idea to enable the tweak.

    If you want to give it a try, it's available for free right now in Cydia's BigBoss repository. iOS 7.1.x is required to install this tweak and use it.

    Name: No Passcode LockOut
    Price: FREE
    Version: 1.1-1
    Requirements: iOS 7.1-7.1.2
    Tested on: iPhone 5 running iOS 7.1.2
    Repo: BigBoss
    Developer: Alltime3h4ckers
    Editor's Rating: / 4.5/5
    2014-09-04 10:07 PM
  2. Answer1o1's Avatar
    Doesnt this defeat the purpose of security though? If you lose/stolen phone you want it to be locked..
    2014-09-05 04:33 AM
  3. Anthony Bouchard's Avatar
    Doesnt this defeat the purpose of security though? If you lose/stolen phone you want it to be locked..
    It will still be locked. It just won't make you connect to iTunes or wait a million years to get into your device when you get to it. If you are at work and know you're around jerks that just want to make life hard on you, you might enable this tweak. If you're not around jerks, you might disable it for the real thing.
    2014-09-05 04:41 AM