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    All of your applications on your iOS device have a Bundle Identifier, Display Name, Executable Name, and Version, and sometimes, you need fast access to this information.

    A new free jailbreak tweak called Flinfo by iOS developer Brave Heart lets you swipe up on an application icon to bring up an interface with buttons that will let you easily copy either the Bundle Identifier, Display Name, Executable Name, or Version of that application to your clipboard, so that you can paste it somewhere else.

    Flinfo is Activator-based, and it's pre-configured to work with swiping up on an application icon, but you can assign any of the icon flick gestures that you want to the tweak, whether it's swiping up, down, left, or right. You will have to access the Activator preferences pane to configure these options, but Flinfo itself doesn't have any options to configure.

    If you want to give Flinfo a try, it's available for free right now in Cydia's BigBoss repository. iOS 7 is required for the installation.

    Name: Flinfo
    Price: FREE
    Version: 1.0.0-1
    Requirements: iOS 7.0-7.1.2, Activator
    Tested on: iPhone 5 running iOS 7.1.2
    Repo: BigBoss
    Developer: Brave Heart
    Editor's Rating:  4/5
    2014-09-16 06:18 PM