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    With the release of iOS 8, Apple appears to have removed apps that utilize and take advantage of the new HealthKit API from the App Store. The move is supposedly a result of ongoing problems with the new health data tracking system which Apple appears to be experiencing.

    Brian Mueller, the creator of the fitness motivation app Carrot Fit, took to Twitter to let everyone know that he received a call from an Apple rep following his app’s removal from the store. The representative informed him that HealthKit was the cause and Mueller could resubmit a version of Carrot Fit without the new framework. Mueller ended up writing the following regarding the matter:

    Sounds like HealthKit won't be working at all this week. And there's no ETA for when a bug fix will go live.
    For those of you who didn’t already know much about it, HealthKit is one of the major iOS 8 features that Apple was touting. The delay of the feature could be a reason why there hasn’t been much HealthKit-related news the last week. On the flipside, HealthKit wouldn’t be the first iOS 8 feature to have a release date which was pushed back (SMS continuity).
    We’ll have to wait and see how Apple handles the situation and wait for more concrete evidence as to when the feature will be made available to the public.

    Source: Brian Mueller (Twitter)

    Twitter: @AkshayMasand
    2014-09-17 08:12 PM
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    This isn't as disappointing as the delay for Continuity... I was really looking forward to those features. Hopefully these issues will be worked out before my iP6+ arrives next month.

    Anyone else concerned about the size of the iPhone 6 plus in conjunction with HealthKit? Not sure if the size will detract from carrying it 24/7 and thus not logging health data continually.
    2014-09-17 11:33 PM