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    As U.S. Apple Stores are still ten plus hours away from Apple launching the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus devices, Australia has already opened doors on selling them. However, citizens were already lining up in front of the stores way before doors opened at 8a.m. AppleInsider’s reader, Luke, took the above photo showcasing how long the line was about an hour before opening time. The location of the specific picture is the Chadstone Shopping Centre in Victoria and had about 500 people outside the store.

    Australia is on the list of the first nine countries to launch the new Apple devices. The Sydney Morning Herald also reported other Apple retail stores having lines as long as the picture shown above. The new generation iPhones have already been reported by Apple as breaking the highest number of presales ever. Sales of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in the North America won’t start until tomorrow at 8:00a.m. sharp. We already reported that iPhone 6 Plus devices are limited and users looking to purchase the bigger device may not have any luck in doing so.

    Apple's SVP Angela Ahrendts was also on board with helping the flagship Sydney Apple Store in launching the new devices in the morning:

    Source: AppleInsider, The Sydney Morning
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