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    Coming soon to iOS devices and others is a new Angry Birds franchise called Angry Birds Transformers, and it's based off of the popular Transformers series in collaboration with Hasbro. As we inch closer to the October 15th release of the game by Rovio, the gaming company has officially released a new video on Thursday that shows off some of the gameplay.

    What we can tell right off the bat is that Angry Birds Transformers isn't like many of the Angry Birds games that we're used to playing. It's a platform runner where you'll take out the enemy in the backdrop of the game. New 3-D graphics show off vibrant glowing colors and special effects. Good aim is required to take your enemy out. Since your enemy can fight back, you will want to keep your own health up while you try to take out your enemy's health.

    As you move through a level and collect power ups and destroy your enemy, you will be able to upgrade your character with new abilities. Also new in Angry Birds Transformers is the ability to have a teammate and take them to battle with you so that you can have a little bit of assistance in taking out the enemy. Be prepared for epic boss fights and more in this new release.

    Sources: Rovio
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    Ios 8 only
    2014-09-25 07:46 PM
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    What's next? Angry Birds Terminator?
    2014-09-25 08:17 PM
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    What's next? Angry Birds Terminator?
    That's good! How about Angry Birds Aliens?
    2014-09-25 08:35 PM
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    Lego Angry Birds!
    2014-09-26 01:36 AM
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    Lego Angry Birds!
    I might actually play that. Lego games always end up being amusing, yet fun.

    Just your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man!
    2014-09-26 02:08 AM