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    If Apple's blockbuster opening weekend of sales for the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is any indication, the Cupertino, California-based mobile tech behemoth may be in for the biggest and best year of sales in company history.

    With at least 10 million units already sold, new estimates call for record iPhone sales to be logged over the next twelve months. BMO Capital Markets‘s Keith Bachman is among the most optimistic of Apple watchers on Wall Street today.

    According to details obtained by Barrons, Bachman is reiterating to investors an Outperform rating on AAPL, while raising his price target to $110 (that's up from $106). The reason for high hopes? The prospect for high sales.

    Bachman has upped his fiscal 2015 iPhone unit estimate to a whopping 189 million units. He was previously projecting approximately 178 million units. Today's report, however, comes with a caveat from the analyst: “we remain unclear about Apple’s ability to sell the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in China, particularly in the December quarter, and we think China could affect the December quarter by more than 10 million units.”

    Also of note is Bachman's projection for Apple Watch. The BMO analyst expects Apple to sell 12 million units next year.

    Source: Barrons
    2014-09-26 06:47 PM
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    Make that 199,999,999 cos I’ve changed my mind. The 6 is too ugly.
    2014-09-26 07:10 PM
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    Make that 199,999,999 cos I’ve changed my mind. The 6 is too ugly.
    U mean the 6+ or 4.7 > I think 4.7 is nice but won't be getting iPhone until the 7 or something .. I like my 5s.. In general iPhone 6 is ******* ugly an apple is apple people do get organism by apple lol.. Wait what.. Lol.. Think it as regular t-shirt people don't pay attention to it but ones u put apple logo in it "o yeah let's get it " it's made from apple..
    2014-09-26 07:29 PM
  4. NSXrebel's Avatar
    2014-09-26 08:20 PM