1. Anthony Bouchard's Avatar
    regret upgrading to ios 8. on 4s it really sucks. phone is very slow
    Akshay is still running an iPhone 4s and he upgraded to iOS 8. As he tells me, it feels the same as iOS 7 did. Try disabling features that you don't really need from the Settings application, and keep your App Switcher clear of applications that don't really need to be there. In doing so, you create a better RAM playground for newly-opened applications, and you will reduce performance impact. Apple's "automatic handling" of the memory isn't the best, no matter what anyone says.
    2014-10-17 05:10 PM
  2. Sakyr's Avatar
    Sweet can't wait to update!
    2014-10-17 09:35 PM
  3. canelo8's Avatar
    I hope 8.1 has major bug fixes so the Jailbreakers can release a JB for the iBrick devices on iOS 8.0.2
    Shut up
    2014-10-18 04:36 AM
  4. Jahooba's Avatar
    Um.... He he said his phone is slow, nothing about battery. But thanks anyway.
    You're missing the point. Turn off services that you don't need. It will speed up the phone and save battery life.
    2014-10-18 05:06 AM
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