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    Apple recently launched a site titled “Deregister iMessage” that allows users to deregister their cell phone number from its iMessage service – a move which fixes an issue that would result in messages sent form iOS devices being “hijacked” if the recipient stopped using an iPhone. The website gives instructions on how to disable Apple’s proprietary messaging service if the user still owns their iPhone.

    In case a user decides switch to another platform or no longer has their iPhone, they can enter their cell phone number to have a confirmation code sent to verify their intent. Upon doing so, users will receive a confirmation code at their cell phone number that they can enter at Apple’s website which will delist their number from iMessage. By doing this, messages sent from iOS devices will default to standard SMS or MMS messages rather than iMessage, resolving the issue which has plagued many.

    The site also has a list of FAQ (frequently asked questions) notes that users need to deregister iMessage if they have a non-Apple phone and can’t receive the SMS or MMS messages that someone sends to their iPhone. This issue typically occurs when a user transfers their SIM card to another device on another platform, such as Android.

    For those of you who haven’t had to deal with the issue, you should let out a sigh of relief. The problem goes back to as far as 2011, when iMessage first debuted. Over the years, users leaving the iPhone for another platform ended up discovering that people who attempted to send a message from an iPhone still had their messages intercepted by Apple and sent as iMessages, meaning that they couldn’t receive these messages on a phone with a different platform. Apple previously mentioned they’d make it easier for people to delist their account and they stuck to their word. Now users who make the swap can also rejoice as the new site/tool allows them to easily resolve the issue.

    Source: Apple (Deregister iMessage)

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    2014-11-10 11:24 PM