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    Taiwan’s Industrial and Commercial Times has released news saying that Apple’s iPhone 5c will be discontinued sometime in 2015. It was noted that Foxconn and Wistron will be decreasing the number of devices produced and the device’s production will stop completely by the middle of next year. The iPhone 5c was only released last year, but now only has one configuration left which is in the 8GB model. Reports of the device being discontinued follows what analyst Ming-Chi Kuo from KGI Securities said earlier in the week about both the iPhone 5c and 4S being discontinued.

    When Apple released its lower-end iPhone 5c device last year, sales were already lower than expected. Many opted to purchase the more demanded iPhone 5s instead, despite pushing promotions on Yahoo and Tumblr. The Cupertino-based company may be looking to stop production of the lower-cost device so that all their products are hardware unified. All the products will mostly have the Touch ID fingerprint feature when the 5c is removed from the lineup. They could also be removing the device all in all due to the number of sales the company has received on the smartphone. Apple has yet to make an announcement in regards to this matter.

    Source: MacRumors

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    2014-11-26 05:55 PM
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    Had Apple gone with a colored metal one looking more like the iPod touch, I think they would have had more success. Plastic is just so...Samsungish!
    2014-11-26 07:43 PM
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    So this means what? Iphone 6s 6+s by June 2015? thats a short time. Hmm maybe just drop the 16gb 6 in price since 8gb is just ridiculous for any modern smart phone.

    Apple should lead the way in storage on phones for now on,

    lowest model should be 32gb with current 64,128 and or go to 256gb

    Oops forgot guess 5s will be cheapie then so at least all 64 bit
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    2014-11-26 10:38 PM
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    5c is based on iphone 5 hardware, once their hardware inventories are used up, makes sense of stopping productions.
    2014-11-27 12:09 AM
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    privacy isn't about having something to hide, another view here

    look here all grammar police, indulge me.
    2014-11-27 03:18 AM
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    Apple should had priced this phone at $99 from day one. I think it would had been successful then.
    2014-12-01 06:29 PM
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    Why not just give them away for free inside boxes of cereal?

    Better yet, pay people to come into the Apple Store to get their free iPhone.
    2014-12-01 06:42 PM