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    As mentioned and promised earlier this month, Dropbox recently activated a new iOS app feature, allowing users to open and edit Microsoft Office documents through their respective apps - all with automatic syncing and saving as well. Although not in-app editing, the latest iteration of Dropbox for iOS app links with Microsoft Office mobile titles to open, view and edit files which are stored in the cloud.

    The functionality allows users to click on a new “Edit” icon which appears when a compatible Office file is opened in Dropbox (including Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, etc.). By tapping this button, the corresponding Microsoft app will open allowing Office 365 subscribers to edit and review their files. Upon exiting the Office app, the revised version of the file is automatically saved into Dropbox. Alternatively, files can also be accessed from Dropbox in an Office app with support for the same automated save and sync features.

    The users who don’t have Word, Excel or PowerPoint installed on their device, tapping the Edit icon will redirect the user to the iOS App Store urging them to download it. At this point, users will be prompted to go through a registration process which involves authorizing Dropbox to edit Office documents.

    Those of you interested in taking advantage of the features can download Dropbox for iOS for free from the App Store (if you don’t already have it). It should be noted that an Office 365 subscription will be needed to be able to edit documents on a mobile device.

    Source: Dropbox (iTunes)

    Twitter: @AkshayMasand
    2014-11-27 08:06 AM
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    I thought basic editing was free now for Office on iOS?
    2014-11-28 04:03 AM
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    it is
    2014-11-28 12:39 PM