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    According to analytics firm, Custora, revenues from online shopping on “Cyber Monday” surged 15.4% higher than last year. This set an all-time peak in US eCommerce with online mobile sales overwhelmingly driven by customers using iOS devices. Mobile phones and tablets accounted for 21.9% of online orders on Monday, a major increase over last year’s 15.9% mobile proportion. Furthermore, on Black Friday, the firm stated mobile devices made up an even greater 30.3% of orders. The firm specifically noted the following regarding the matter:

    The vast majority of mobile shopping happened on Apple devices over the weekend - 78%, while only 21.6% happened on Android devices.
    The firm continued by reporting that Cyber Monday sales were driven by spam email marketing which overtook Google Ads and organic search. Email spam drove 27.3% of Black Friday sales and 23.9% of orders on Monday, compared to less than 19% of sales following Google’s paid search results or originating from unpaid “organic” Google search results. Social media didn’t end up being a meaningful channel during the holiday weekend for driving online orders, collectively accounting for less than 2% of online orders over the important shopping weekend.

    Source: Custora (blog)

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    2014-12-03 05:47 AM
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    Do you mean Samsung's share dropped from 30.5% in Q1 of 2014 to less than 21.6% (Since all Samsung devices are Android devices) during thanksgiving weekend?
    2014-12-04 04:12 AM