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    For those of you who didnít already know, Amazon recently launched a new service called Prime Now, which as the title suggests, is set to bring products from Amazonís online store to your door in the quickest time possible. The service claims to currently offer ďtens of thousandsĒ of items spanning a wide variety of categories and is currently available in parts of Manhattan for Amazon Prime members. Users have the option of going with either one or two hour delivery. Those of you who order an item and want it within one hour of ordering it will have to fork over $7.99 but two hour-delivery, which allows you to select any two-hour period between 6:00AM and 12:00AM, is free (with the cost of a Prime membership).

    If you want to get started using the service, youíll need to download the Prime Now app from the App Store, login with an existing Amazon Prime account and add items to your car with a quick tap. For those of you who donít live in Manhattan, Amazon says the service is coming to other areas soon.

    The Amazon Prime Now service seems to be the companyís true answer to competitors such as Instacart and Google Express. The fact that it incorporates your already-existing Prime membership, itís able to undercut both of its competitorsí one-hour delivery price too. One of the only downsides is that if you donít have an Amazon Prime membership, you lose out on the same-day delivery option. That being said, Amazon has done a pretty good job of offering quite a bit of perks to its Prime membership so it my entice users even more with the availability of Prime Now in certain areas.

    Those of you who do live in Manhattan and have Amazon Prime should download the free app and test it out, just hit the iTunes source link below!

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    2014-12-19 07:19 PM
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    2014-12-19 08:51 PM
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    bough all my Christmas gifts on Amazon with 1 day shipping =}
    2014-12-21 04:46 AM