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    This recap will go over the best jailbreak tweaks that we've shown you this week. It's certainly not all of them, but we think these are some of the most worthy of recognition out of what we have been able to show you this week. These are in no specific order, and they're all compatible with the TaiG version 1.2.0 jailbreak for iOS 8.

    1. Carpe Diem – 99

    First on our list this week is Carpe Diem. This is a new jailbreak tweak that puts any Notification Center Today widget of your choice in the empty area of the Reachability interface. You can use any stock widget or any third-party application widget to fill this space and start making use of it. You can read our full review of Carpe Diem at this link.

    2. Allarm – FREE

    Next up, we have to share a gem called Allarm. This tweak adds a simple way of toggling all of your alarms on at once, or toggling them all off at once. It adds a new toggle switch to the Clock application under the Alarms tab where you can control all of your alarms with just a flick of a switch. It's useful for those of you that have more than one alarm and want to save some time when turning them all on or off. You can read our full review of Allarm at this link.

    3. Share Widget for iOS 8 – FREE

    We've also got to show you Share Widget for iOS 8. This well-done widget for iOS 8 brings back the well-known share widget to Notification Center. Apple seems to have done away with the share widget with iOS 7, although it was introduced in earlier versions of iOS. If you miss it, this is a great way to get it back! You can read our full review of Share Widget for iOS 8 at this link.

    4. SystemWidePredictiveText – FREE

    If you love Apple's predictive keyboard, then you're going to enjoy SystemWidePreditiveText, which is a tweak that enables the predictive keyboard even in places where Apple has disabled the feature, such as in SpotLight. It's just a way to remove that little limitation from Apple's iOS and make it more of your own, so be sure to head over to our full review of SystemWidePredictiveText at this link to learn more.

    5. RoundDock – FREE

    And last, but definitely not least, we'll be throwing an aesthetic tweak in this list for those of you that not only like making their devices DO cool things, but also LOOK good while doing it – that tweak is RoundDock. What this tweak will do is add a new round appearance to the application sock so that it isn't so straight, flat, and boring-looking. It rounds the corners, and it shrinks the length a little bit to make this happen. You can read more about RoundDock at this link.

    Check out our video below:

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    Stay tuned for our next edition of Best Jailbreak Tweaks of the Week next week - only on ModMyi!

    If you missed our previous edition of Best Jailbreak Tweaks of the Week, you can view it at this link.
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