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    In two weeks, Apple will report earnings for the three-month period ending at the close of December 2014. At that time, Apple will likely reveal record iPhone sales and quarterly earnings for the world's already most profitable company.

    But the details of the report could tell a much bigger story, especially with regard to where the future of Apple's earnings will come from -- namely, the emerging mobile markets of Asia and Africa. Specifically, however, as a new report from Forbes acknowledges on Monday, Apple will probably confirm on its forthcoming earnings call that record iPhone sales are now being seen in China and India.

    The report in question focuses on Hong King -- a major epicenter for Apple product sales. It's a market, the author notes, where some consumers have had to wait months to get their hands on the mobile products from Apple they seek. Given this demand against a backdrop of surprisingly decedent supplies, it's now powerfully evident that Apple's business prospects across Asia have never looked more favorable.

    Although Apple is now almost universally expected to have moved approximately 70 million iPhone units last quarter, the more important number to investors and analysts could be the percentage of those devices that found their way to consumers in markets like China and India. If those numbers are similarly at all-time highs, that could do more than anything else to propel shares of AAPL into the stratosphere at month's end.

    Source: Forbes
    2015-01-12 08:17 PM
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    Well thats not suprising There's more then A billion people in china

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    2015-01-13 01:37 AM