1. jtanner's Avatar
    I did respring... Also rebooted. I did have adblocker installed too so uninstalled and rebooted again. I uninstalled this app too and rebooted and reinstalled but that moviebox tries to direct me almost every 10
    Do you have a Mac?

    If you email me via cydia, I can you discuss with you and also give you my testing repo where I can make private builds for testing and see if I can suss this
    2015-01-25 01:35 AM
  2. blagger69's Avatar
    iPhone 5s 8.1.2
    2015-01-25 01:36 AM
  3. jtanner's Avatar
    iPhone 5s 8.1.2
    I asked if you had a Mac?? As in an Apple Macintosh Computer - either a Mac Book, Mac Book Pro or iMac ? Something to connect your phone to that's made by Apple (A Windows PC is no good)

    Please do email me via cydia.
    2015-01-25 01:47 AM
  4. jtanner's Avatar
    If people have issues with this not working please please please contact me via the contact author option in Cydia.

    I have made a private build on my own repo which logs my tweaks actions etc so would be helpful to me for those reporting it not working, to use this private build and then send me the logs
    2015-01-25 02:01 PM
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