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    Apple has published new numbers on the App Store Distribution page from the company's Web site, and the new numbers now display that iOS 8 adoption has climbed to 72%, which is a growth of 3% since the Cupertino-based company published its last data update two weeks ago at 69%.

    Comparatively, iOS 7 is installed on 25% of Apple's devices, while earlier versions of iOS are installed on around 3% of Apple's devices.

    iOS 8.1.3 was released just around a week ago, which is likely to have attributed to the growth in the iOS 8 installed base. The upcoming iOS 8.2 release with the WatchKit API is expected to also bump these numbers up as consumers start buying into the Apple Watch ecosystem.

    iOS 8 has been a popular release, although iOS 7 was adopted much faster by users around this same time period, as 9to5Mac reports. This could be because iOS 7 seemed more exciting to users, as it was a major change in terms of user interface over iOS 6, while iOS 8 is basically a glorified version of iOS 7 with some new features thrown in. But the reason for the slower adoption could be anybody's guess.

    Sources: Apple via 9to5Mac
    2015-02-03 10:36 PM
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    On another note... Nice app update modmyi 😜
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    On another note... Nice app update modmyi ��

    Didn't even notice it was live, awesome .
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