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    If you love to travel, love to fly JetBlue, and love to use Apple Pay then it’s definitely your lucky day. Popular airline JetBlue has recently announced that customers will now be able to purchase items in-flight beginning next week. According to USA Today, JetBlue will be the first airline to offer the mobile payment system in-flight. Apple’s VP of Internet software and services, Eddy Cue, told USA Today that he believes other airlines will follow because "somebody else doing it always puts pressure on the other guy."

    According to USA Today,

    Starting next week, passengers on select JetBlue Airways flights can use Apple Pay on their iPhone 6 and 6 Plus handsets to buy food, drinks and certain onboard amenities when the plane reaches cruising altitude. You'll be able to upgrade to available premium seats, too.
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    The airline will be accepting payments in the form of Credit Card and Apple Pay when flight attendants carry around iPad Minis housed in special cases. It was noted that in the beginning, only flights from New York’s JFK to Los Angeles and San Francisco will offer Apple Pay. More flights will be added next month and JetBlue plans on offering it to all flights starting June of this year.

    USA Today also noted that Apple’s upcoming Apple Watch will work with the feature along with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus devices. It seems like Apple is really trying to expand their mobile payment system as Cue told USA Today that they are looking to expand Apple Pay to public transportation and the subway systems.

    Have you been using Apple Pay? Is it making your life easier? Share with us in the comments below.

    Source: USA Today

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    2015-02-10 07:20 PM
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    This is one BIg lie i work for JB nothing so far..
    2015-02-12 05:20 AM