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    Apple has just launched a new section in the iOS App Store entitled "Pay Once and Play" that puts the spotlight on numerous games in the iOS App Store that don't have in-app purchases. Instead, you just buy the game once, and you have access to all of the games features without having to shell out additional money to get further.

    Pay Once and Play shows a myriad of different games at a myriad of different price ranges too many to list. So here's a preview of what you can expect when you start browsing the offerings:

    Being that in-app purchase applications have been under fire for a while in Apple's iOS App Store due to accidental billings leading up into the tens of thousands, Apple's choice to offer this section seems like a bit of a retort.

    Apple also recently changed the download button styles in the App Store from "FREE" to "GET" so that applications that were labeled as free, but had in-app purchases, didn't come off as deceiving to the downloader.

    Those that don't like the freemium way of life can peruse through these games for surely ad-free and in-app purchase-free content. So be sure to check it out and see if anything interests you!

    Sources: App Store
    2015-02-12 11:17 PM
  2. mainc21's Avatar
    It's about time!!! There's nothing like getting a "free" game to discover u still have to fork out money from in app purchases. There's no such thing as free anymore.
    2015-02-13 01:10 AM
  3. punjabi212's Avatar
    I have been wanting something like this for a long time. I have always disliked games that offer in-app purchases.
    2015-02-13 01:56 AM
  4. Sk37cH's Avatar
    Looks good. Though morally, Xcom shouldn't be in there. They removed the original from the App Store instead of supporting it. Then released that current one, which is just the original with the expansion pack. I would've preferred to pay for an expansion, rather than shelling out for "new" game.... especially at $13 ($26 for essentially one mobile game and an expansion). Cheers.
    2015-02-13 02:44 AM
  5. EVO's Avatar
    2015-02-13 04:32 AM
  6. dsg's Avatar
    About time, in app purchase games should be banned forever everywhere
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    2015-02-13 05:48 AM
  7. Anon9mouz's Avatar
    Yea so what happens if you buy one of these games and then the developers decided to add in app purchases??
    2015-02-16 06:08 AM