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    They may be two of the biggest rivals in all of technology today, but business is still business. And Samsung and Apple need each other.

    Based on a string of new and mostly rumor-centric reports out of the far east, Samsung will once again play a critical role in the production of Apple's next-gen iPhone 6.

    Specifically, The Korea Times says Apple will rely on Samsung to deliver DRAM memory for its next-gen smartphone, presumably called iPhone 6S.

    "The South Korea-tech giant was picked because of its ability to build massive amounts of DRAM at once, without much worry for component shortages," TechnoBuffalo proposes.

    The Korean Times is under the impression that the goods Apple needs will come from the same division at Samsung that already provides DRAM for Samsung's newest Galaxy S6, which we could see as soon as next week.

    There's no telling how much the deal between Apple and Samsung is worth, but you can bet it's a whopper.

    Source: North Korea Times via TechnoBuffalo
    2015-02-24 07:46 PM
  2. bigboyz's Avatar
    Business as usual. If its not broken why fix it?
    2015-02-24 08:17 PM
  3. wolverinemarky's Avatar
    Downfall of this is Samsung always knows what apple is using and just has to use more. Most people like higher number regardless of actual performance
    2015-02-25 08:47 AM