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    A launch date around this time would see the Apple Watch shipping approximately one month after the company's planned March 9 media event, where it is expected to unveil new details about the Apple Watch. There are many details about the device that the company has kept under wraps, including its prospective battery life and full pricing details on the middle tier Apple Watch and higher-end Apple Watch Edition.

    Apple will likely share a specific Apple Watch release date during the March 9 event, and we're also likely to find out whether the company will be accepting pre-orders. With an early April launch timeline, Apple could begin accepting pre-orders during the last week of March.

    Apple will be live streaming its March 9 media event, and MacRumors will also be providing live coverage of the information the company unveils about the Apple Watch.

    Source: MacRumors
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    Battery life and functionality are the big doubts I have. If it were truly useful I doubt price would deter people...probably 2.0 will be a lot better.
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