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    Apple pushed the iOS 8 update to its users last year in September, and since then, the install base has been slowly growing. Apple reports updates on its iOS 8 adoption every two weeks on its App Store distribution Web page, and two weeks ago, the numbers were indicating that about 73% of devices in circulation were running iOS 8.

    Apple has published new statistics this week that illustrate in a pie chart that iOS 8 is now running on 75% of iOS devices in circulation, a 2% increase from two weeks ago. iOS 7 has also decreased from being on 24% of devices in circulation to running on just 22% of devices in circulation. Those on iOS 6 and earlier are still staying loyal to their legacy operating system, as the 3% accounted for has not budged.

    iOS 8 brings a ton of new features to the iOS device lineup, including Notification Center widgets, third-party keyboards, better share extension support, improvements in gaming graphics with the Metal API, new messaging and calling features, and much more.

    If you're not already on iOS 8, it can be installed by going to the "Software Update" option in your Settings application or by tethering up to a computer and updating through iTunes. Notably, the latest version of iOS 8 cannot be jailbroken yet and there is no way to restore back to a jailbreakable firmware at this point in time.

    Sources: Apple
    2015-03-03 08:52 PM