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    The popular Yelp application for the iOS platform was updated Tuesday afternoon with some new features and improvements for users that will make the user experience better, especially for newer users. The latest version of the application that is now available in the App Store is version 9.4.0.

    The new update makes it so that new users will have a better experience signing up for and using the Yelp application for iOS, as a new on-boarding experience makes it better for those wanting to start using Yelp.

    Additionally, existing users will be able to take advantage of new features, such as being able to include videos within their reviews for locations and watching other people's videos inside of reviews for locations, as well as improvements to the way you see events and upcoming events within the application; attendees for events also now show up within the event information so you'll now who's going.

    If you're already a Yelp user, then this update is available under the Updates tab in the App Store application; if automatic updates is enabled on your iOS 8 device, then this update will be installed for you automatically. You can also download the latest version of Yelp for free from this App Store link.

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    2015-03-03 09:57 PM