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    Facebook Messenger was made into its own platform last week allowing third-party developers to take advantage og a new API used for creating third-party applications that would be able to hook into Facebook Messenger for additional functionality. This allows Facebook Messenger users to tap into new features from other applications installed on the device to improve the user experience and functionality of the Facebook Messenger application as a whole.

    On Monday, Facebook has launched an official update for Facebook Messenger for iOS that notes in the change log the support for using Facebook Messenger with other applications installed on your iPhone, despite having some of the functionality already built-in as of last week.

    Some of the new features that Facebook notes in this update include sending and receiving GIFs, videos, photos, and more. GIF images will play for the user automatically and it appears that Facebook has also made it so you can reply with the same kind of application that your friends are using to send you third-party content; as a direct result, Facebook has made it even easier to install Facebook Messenger-supported applications from the App Store directly from the Facebook Messenger application.

    Existing users of Facebook Messenger will find this update under the Updates tab in the App Store application for free; if you have automatic updates enabled, then the update will be installed for you automatically without the need for you to intervene. Alternatively, you can download the latest version of Facebook Messenger for free from this App Store link.

    Please note that every third-party application you install to use with Facebook Messenger is a separate application from the iOS App Store despite integrating with the Facebook Messenger application on your device.

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    2015-03-30 08:29 PM