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    Microsoft has recently revamped its Bing.com homepage design for those who use the iOS browser. The revamp comes with a fair share of new features and changes that iOS users can benefit from. Safari browser users can now swipe up to see the sections on the Bing.com homepage. They’ll also notice a new translucent color scheme and users can also tap on the Image of the Day’s caption to bring up a card revealing more information on that photo. Furthermore, the “Popular Now” section which was previously only visible on the Bing.com desktop homepage is also now available on the mobile iteration of the page.

    Microsoft had the following to say regarding the changes:

    News consumption is a common activity on mobile devices. We also know that on Bing.comdesktop, the homepage news carousel at the bottom of the page is one of the most highly engaged features, connecting users to news stories across the web. With that in mind, we are bringing the desktop's news carousel experience to mobile. We select the top trending stories for you and update them throughout the day. Moving forward, we will continue to make these stories even more relevant and personal.
    Alongside all the aesthetic changes, there’s also a new Bing Rewards card on the page for those of you who are members of the rewards program. The page allows you to keep track of your points along with a Settings section. Microsoft also created a separate page that allows users to send feedback about their Bing.com experience allowing them to keep track of and improve upon the webpage and its offerings.

    Are any of you planning on using Bing.com more on your mobile device?

    Source: Microsoft (Blog) via iMore

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    2015-04-14 06:16 AM