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    Following the launch of the Apple Watch App Store on Thursday, Apple has finished the day off by officially publishing its Apple Watch User Guide both online via Apple's Web site, and as a download via the iBooks Store.

    It's probably a good idea to grab this guide since the Apple Watch is unlike any Apple device ever released -- the user interface is completely difference from the iOS experience and it comes with a variety of awesome features that users will have to become acquainted to in order to take full advantage of them.

    Apple Watches are officially touching down on the doorsteps of those that pre-ordered the device on April 10th, starting with Australia and working their way over to the U.S. based on time zones. Although many are in the shipping process, many are still waiting for their orders to process and this is causing a lot of frustration on the consumer end.

    If you're waiting on your Apple Watch, why not spend some of you waiting time reading all about it? The Apple Watch User Guide is a free download from the iBooks Store at this link.

    Sources: Apple
    2015-04-24 05:57 AM