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    TestFlight, the beta-testing platform that Apple acquired to make it easier for application developers to offer beta testing of applications, has been having some problems as of late.

    Reportedly occurring since Wednesday of this week, TestFlight is having widespread outages and giving beta testers trouble when trying to install beta software seeded to them from the software developer through the platform. When attempting to install beta software, users are bombarded with a slew of 'service currently unavailable' messages.

    With TestFlight being the main beta-testing platform for iOS developers, this is obviously causing frustration for not only the users, but also for the developers that are trying to fix the bugs in their applications and introduce new features; it is delaying productive progress on new applications and updates.

    Apple has not made any public comments about the outages and there are no hints as to when the service may come back online.

    Sources: AppleInsider
    2015-05-07 06:10 PM