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    A rumor from MacDailyNews claims that Apple may be launching iMessage for Android at WWDC on Monday, according to their "source familiar with the company's thinking." At this time, iMessage is only available for iOS and OS X users, with Apple never really showing any signs of bringing the messaging service to Android.

    If the rumor does turn out to be true though, it will allow millions of Android users to use iMessage to chat with their iPhone-totting friends.

    The report claims that Apple’s plans are constantly changing, so it is possible that the company might not make the announcement of iMessage coming to Android at WWDC. However, the service would “definitely” be launched on Android this year.

    With iPhone sales slowing down, Apple has been focusing on services to generate additional revenue for it. By bringing iMessage to Android, Apple will open up the messaging service to millions of additional users, though since the app is likely going to be free, it remains unclear how this move will generate additional revenue for the Cupertino company.

    Considering that this is the first time we are hearing about Apple bringing iMessage to Android, I would recommend you to take this rumor with a spoonful of salt. While bringing iMessage to Android will help in increasing the user base of the messaging service, it will do little to bring in additional revenue for Apple. It is possible that Apple’s decision has been influenced by the launch of two new messaging services — Allo and Duo — from Google that will be available for both iOS and Android devices when it launches later this year. Google also already offers Hangouts for both Android and iOS devices.

    Do you want to see Apple bring iMessage to Android?

    [Via MacDailyNews]
    2016-06-10 06:37 AM
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    YES!!!! I think it would be great! I really like iMessage and I'm so use to it that any other messaging app I use never lasts long at all. I always revert back to iMessage because everyone I know uses it and has an iPhone.
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    2016-06-10 06:58 AM
  3. Purple Minion's Avatar
    I definitely want to see iMessage available on Android. It would make messaging between my family members so much easier. We still have several Android hold-outs refusing to go all Apple, even though the kids all have iPods. Apple is the only company I trust not to eavesdrop on everything everyone says and does. And if it somehow helps upset the NSA, CIA, and FBI, all the better.
    2016-06-10 07:02 AM
  4. se23's Avatar
    Oh Lord please let this happen. If I had find my friends and iMessage I'd just keep my android but I really like those 2 features on my iPad.
    2016-06-10 12:26 PM
  5. xboxbml's Avatar
    I sure hope they really beef up their iMessage server farms to handle this if it is true! I don't want to suffer iMessage issues because tons of androids are using it..
    2016-06-10 03:52 PM
  6. AEM's Avatar
    I wonder if it would include or have some type of FaceTime integration. That would a prayer answered Sketchy Rumor Claims Apple Will Launch iMessage for Android at WWDC🏼Sketchy Rumor Claims Apple Will Launch iMessage for Android at WWDC🏼Sketchy Rumor Claims Apple Will Launch iMessage for Android at WWDC🏼Sketchy Rumor Claims Apple Will Launch iMessage for Android at WWDC🏼Sketchy Rumor Claims Apple Will Launch iMessage for Android at WWDC🏼
    2016-06-12 04:37 AM