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    Whether you are a new jailbreaker or veteran, one of the first things you want after getting the freshly jailbroken device is good tweaks. Being a new jailbreak coming into iOS 10 many of the older tweaks haven't been updated. This can cause huge conflicts, boot loops, and even the need to restore. However, thanks to being an avid ModMyi reader we have your back. We have put together a list of 40 tweaks which have been tested one by one by iPhonecaptain himself. Not only do these tweaks say updated for iOS 10, Mitch aka iPhonecaptain has tried each tweak on his very own personal device running iOS 10.2.

    Check out the video below for an up-close look at each one of these tweaks. Do not attempt to install all of these tweaks. Pick and choose a few you think you will actively use. because for every tweak, you install you give up just a bit of storage and performance. Also, if you get too many tweaks running together you run the risk of getting conflicts and problems. Feel free to subscribe to iPhonecaptain's Youtube channel for more content like this. Be sure to show this post some love so ModMyi will bring more like it back on a daily basis.

    Best 40 Cydia Tweaks Ready for Yalu Jailbreak iOS 10.2
    1. Noctis $2
    2. Controlmycenter
    3. coySIM
    4. Activator
    5. (rpetri.ch/repo)
    6. Anemone
    7. Anemone Theme – Ace Sierra X
    8. Cylinder
    9. Eclipse 4.0
    10. iCleaner Pro
    11. Lithium iOn
    12. Speed Intensifier
    13. iCleaner Pro
    14. NoPowerAlert
    15. OTA Killer
    16. NoFolderBackground
    17. RocketBootStrap
    18. CCrecorder
    19. HideLabel10 (dannyglover.github.io/repo)
    20. WormHole
    21. Speedy
    22. (repo.sparkservers.co.uk)
    23. HotDog
    24. cameraShy
    25. darkMessage
    26. motuumLS
    27. timeforAlarm
    28. noPageDots7
    29. iconRenamer
    30. Peek-a-boo
    31. (https://repo.ioscreatix.com)
    32. PreferenceOrganizer 2 (cydia.angelxwind.net)
    33. Sonus
    34. (himynameisubik.github.io)
    35. Fingal
    36. Status VolX (candoizo.yourepo.com)
    37. 3G Unrestrictor 5 (site)
    38. Platters
    39. Cydia failsafe
    40. Displayweather10
    41. Slidetounlock10
    42. BioProtect
    43. DarkMessages
    44. (sticktron.github.com/repo)
    45. Youtube ++ (not shown in video)
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