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    How To Fix Cydia Errors, Crashes, and Apple Boot Loops without Restoring in iOS 10.2

    Jailbreaking can be one of the most liberating past times around. However, it can also make you want to beat your head into the wall. If you are feeling much like the later, we may be able to offer a bit of help. Believe it or not, these errors are quite common depending on the one you are getting and what you have done. nOne of the biggest mistakes new jailbreak users do is download iFile or Filza and go on a deleting frenzie. These files and iPA files are actually in place and sesrve a dilebarate purpose. If you delete these it is not possible for Cydia or the Jailbreak to function properly. Please refrain from doing this at all cost. Just put the iOS device down and walk away for a few minutes. I promise you this will save you a great deal of headches in the long run and get you nback up tunning much faster and easier. Not to mention it could even save your Jailbreak.
    That is correct, it could save your jailbreak. If you delete certain files and folders the only solution becomes restoring. Now as you well know that's Jailbreak death until the next jailbreak release which will probably be several months away.
    Checkout the video below which shows the errors and how to fix them. It's actually not that complicated if you can just refrain from delteing things which you shouldn't be deleting. Let us know what you think inthe comments. Show some appreciation by sharing the post if you found it helpful. Be sure to check back here at Modmyi for more content just like this and Subscribe to iPhonecaptain's Youtube channel.

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