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    Popular developer, "AppleBetas" is leaving the community.

    As we recently reported, Melody was an upcoming tweak that replicated the iOS 9 music app functionality and UI design. However, as the old adage goes, "All good things come to an end." As such, popular tweak developer "AppleBetas" has announced his departure from the jailbreaking community and will not be developing any more tweaks.

    AppleBetas was already planning to leave the community upon the final release of Melody, but an issue with his device has required him to restore, which means he can no longer update Melody. Because of this, Melody beta 2 has been released to all, alongside the source code for the project on his GitHub repo.

    One big change is that it was originally going to cost around $2.99 USD but since the project remains unfinished, it has been released for free. With the release, he hopes that another community developer will be able to finish the work he started for the community, as several users had expressed distaste with the iOS 10 music app, longing for the app of yesteryear.

    Even though it hasn't been completed, AppleBetas is eager to share his work with the community, encouraging users to report any existing bugs and issues to his GitHub. Hopefully, another developer can complete the work that has been started on this monumental project. If you wish to download the tweak, you can do so below:

    Download Melody beta from AppleBetas' repo.
    - Logan Garner
    2017-06-04 01:10 AM