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    extra_recipe jailbreak now supports the iPhone 6s and the iPad Air 2-extrarecipe_small.png

    extra_recipe jailbreak by xerub has been updated to support more devices.

    The stable jailbreak for 10.1.1 by xerub, initially only for iPhone 7 devices, has been updated to support iPhone 6s and iPad Air 2. It is purportedly more stable than it's Yalu102 counterpart. As is to be expected, extra_recipe does not work on 10.2 currently, so if you are on 10.2, you need to use Yalu102 instead. If you are on a lower firmware version, then you should use extra_recipe.

    An updated build is not yet available, but the source code for the project now has the support baked-in. An updated build with 6s and Air 2 support should be available in the near future. When the updated build is released, we will notify you. You can take a look at the GitHub issue here.
    - Logan Garner
    2017-06-06 08:01 PM