1. Dennis Bednarz's Avatar

    Unify X should be scared!

    If you happen to dislike the way iOS handles notifications, you're not alone. Apple is definitely behind in notification management but that doesn't mean jailbreakers can't fix it.

    NCLink10, by HiDaN, is a new tweak which aims at doing just that; give your notification center a much cleaner and more functional layout. The concept is very similar to that of Unify X, however, the execution is vastly different and which one you should choose depends solely on your taste.

    The description from the Cydia page briefly describes the tweak's functionality:

    "Group notifications by apps! Bring back the grouping of notifications from previous iOS versions. Also, easily fold sections with notifications for apps that you don't want to see banners from. Works on Lock Screen and Notification Center!"

    This tweak should be easily compatible with tweaks like Cheddar or ColorBanners, which could be nice to have as the notification links this tweak uses already use the color from the app icons, just like ColorBanners.

    The tweak works on the lock screen as well as the notification centre so you shouldn't worry about consistency as it will look and behave the same no matter what part of the system you are in.

    While $1.99 may seem like a little too much for something that groups notifications, the tweak is way more advanced than it seems. We can safely say that it's definitely worth every cent.

    Just like the name suggests, it's only compatible with iOS 10, which may be a bummer for some, and you can download it directly from the link below:

    Download NCLink10 Ventana for $1.99 from BigBoss
    2017-07-12 05:29 PM
  2. mbeezy81's Avatar
    Seems like the jailbreak community just gets flooded with notification center tweaks now a days, nothing exciting.
    2017-07-14 07:53 PM