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    Do you use Flipswitches a lot? PoomSmart has 41 of them available on BigBoss-poomsmart-flipswitches-800-x-473.png

    Flipswitches for all the things!

    The Control Center is an amazing part of iOS, used daily by almost everyone who owns an iPhone. When Apple introduced it in iOS 7, it was a welcome addition. Before Apple added this functionality, the jailbreak community had SBSettings which, like the Control Center, had several shortcuts to frequently used system settings.

    A well-known developer by the name of Ryan Petrich sought to extend the functionality of the Control Center. He released Flipswitch with A3 tweaks in June of 2013. It included toggles (Flipswitches) for many more settings that hide in the Settings.app. Additionally, it allowed other developers to make their own toggles. Along with the Flipswitch release, Ryan also released FlipControlCenter. Users were now able to customise the toggles in the Control Center.

    Another developer, PoomSmart, began to make Flipswitches for everything he could. To date, he has a total of 41 released on BigBoss. For convenience sake, we've collected a list of every single one. There are a lot of great ones in there. Some of our favourites are the Flipswitches for Background App Refresh and Siri. Being able to toggle these settings with a few gestures is convenient, to say the least. With so many to choose from, there should be something for everyone:

    1. Spotlight Flipswitch
    2. Screenshot Flipswitch
    3. Lock Sounds Flipswitch
    4. Keyboard Click Sound Flipswitch
    5. Battery Percentage Flipswitch
    6. Assistive Touch Flipswitch
    7. Home Button Timer Flipswitch
    8. AirDrop Flipswitch
    9. Background App Refresh Flipswitch
    10. Wi-Fi Calling Flipswitch
    11. VoiceOver Flipswitch
    12. Switch Control Flipswitch
    13. Reachability (Toggle) Flipswitch
    14. Reachability (Action) Flipswitch
    15. JavaScript Flipswitch
    16. Guided Access Flipswitch
    17. DoNotDisturb Silence Flipswitch
    18. Camera Grid Flipswitch
    19. Auto Download Flipswitches
    20. Send As SMS Flipswitch
    21. 3rd-party Keyboard Flipswitch
    22. 3G Flipswitch
    23. Auto Set Brightness FS
    24. Streaming Dictation Flipswitch
    25. Shake To Undo Flipswitch
    26. Reduce Motion Flipswitch
    27. Show Subject Field Flipswitch
    28. LLB Flipswitch
    29. Keyboard Flipswitches
    30. Continuity Flipswitch
    31. Grayscale Flipswitch
    32. Increase Contrast Flipswitch
    33. Proximity Flipswitch
    34. Predictive Keyboard Flipswitch
    35. Messages Preview Flipswitch
    36. AirDrop Flipswitch
    37. Dictation Flipswitch
    38. Button Shapes Flipswitch
    39. ZoomTouch Flipswitch
    40. Bold Text Flipswitch
    41. Siri Flipswitch

    What are your favourite Flipswitches? Show us your set up in the comments below.
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